OT: copy protection / licensing for Mac?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at kestner.de
Fri Aug 8 04:43:04 EDT 2008


this topic is already discussed a few times, but I didn't found any
"satisfying" answers in the archives.

I am looking for a copy protection / or licensing system with a minimum on
handling / trouble for me which gives a good protection for the average
user. No protection against cracks is required, because the quantity of my
publication is too low to be in interest for hackers. I want to build a
hybrid CD for Mac and Win. Up to now I used ProtectDisc (a german system)
which is implemented in my runtime exe, so that my app can be run only with
the original CD (which is ok, because my apps are heavy video apps, where
the videos always stay on CD. This is a good solution for me, because I
don't have any maintenance as supplying a licensing server with serial and
all this activation stuff. BUT this technique is only available for Win ( as
my CD factory tells me, because the Mac community is "so small"). So that
the Mac part of my hybrid CD is unsecured and can be copied.

I was already thinking of programming a kind of a "minimum licensing"
function for the Mac part, as asking any hardware information from the
system, generating a licence key for this number, which I had to pass to the
customer. But this would just be a very small obstacle, because any user
could ask for the licence key, because the users can buy my product in
standard bookshops as amazon, where I don't have any control, if they bought
a official copy or if they copied it from a friend.

What are your experiences, which systems do you use for protection / easy
handling of licensing? Is there at all any copy protection which works for
both sides of hybrid CDs?

Thanks for sharing your experiences





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