Removing CRLF from text

mfstuart mfstuart at
Wed Aug 6 23:34:06 EDT 2008

Hi Sarah,
Thanx for your reply.
I have tried your suggestion and it still doesn't make the separated lines
into one entry per line.
I also tried Jacqueline's suggestion and nada, zilch, nichte. 
I've looked at the ini (text) file with a Hex Editor and the values are:
+=2b, CR=0d, LF=0a.
Not sure how to replace using the hex value as the value to replace.

I've even tried using:
 replace "+" &  numtoChar(10) & numtoChar(13) with "" in tData
This all will not put all separated lines into one line.

So I'll keep trying different combinations, unless someone has this licked.

Mark Stuart

Sarah Reichelt-2 wrote:
>> I have a situation where a software application's ini file has the plus
>> (+)
>> char and CRLF at the end of a line, when the line passes 80 characters.
>> The
>> balance of the ini entry is placed on the next line. Each ini entry could
>> be
>> very long and possibly go to 3 lines.
>> Why they did this I don't know, really.
>> But what I need to do is remove the + and CRLF so that each ini entry is
>> complete in itself, on one line.
>> ini file currently contains:
>> dfgsdfg sdfgsd fgsdfgsdf gsdfg +
>> sdfgadfs dgdghs dfdfgg fghf+
>> dfgh dfgh
>> Result I'd like after running the script:
>> dfgsdfg sdfgsd fgsdfgsdf gsdfg sdfgadfs dgdghs dfdfgg fghf dfgh dfgh
> what about:
>    replace "+" & CRLF with empty in tData
> Cheers,
> Sarah
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