Does Palette command work?

Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Aug 6 10:29:54 EDT 2008

Hi Jan

> --- dfepstein at wrote:
>> Using Rev Media 2.9 in Windows XP
>> palette stack "a" -- no effect
>> go stack "a" as palette -- works correctly
>> Do others experience this?
>> David Epstein
> Hi David,
> That's one of the built-in limitations of Rev Media,

OK, but if:
-> palette stack "a"
does not work in Rev Media and
-> go stack "a" as palette
DOES work, then this is a halfbaked and useless limitation
(or none at all) in my opinion :-)

> along with database access and a few other things -
> which makes sense not only to justify the price
> difference and promote upgrading to Rev Studio.
> Remember that Rev Media is meant as an authoring tool
> rather than a full-blown developer tool.
> Jan Schenkel.
> Quartam Reports & PDF Library for Revolution
> <>


Klaus Major
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