engine crash on open stack

Larry Forsgren larry at rmg.net
Wed Aug 6 02:25:35 EDT 2008

Hi everybody!

I am returning to Revolution after some years of 
inactivity and am currently testing the Enterprise 
engine Build 610 Version 2.9.0 on Windows.

The application I am working on has progressed 
well and I have a standalone which works fine 
although needs some refinement.

Suddenly I cannot open the stack (one single 
stack) in Revolution. The engine crashes and 
closes immediately when I try to open the stack. 
Possibly I have added something in a script that 
causes this since I can open other stacks.
I did a reinstall of Revolution but the problem 

Unfortunately I have no earlier version of the 
stack to fall back on.

What do the people that are more experienced with 
Revolution than I am, say?

Do I have to excavate the scripts from the 
standalone and start over again?

Is this some known bug that others have 
experienced as well?

I was really happy with the current Revolution 
version until this happened. Now I have a stack 
which seems to be broken although the engine can't 
even report if it's broken or not. I believe the 
stack cannot be opened in an external editor 
without getting corrupt... Is there a way to 
correct this problem?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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