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Shari shari at gypsyware.com
Sun Aug 3 15:51:19 EDT 2008

I'd do that in a heartbeat if they had a way.  They used to, but at 
this time the only offering they have is for affiliates, and it has 
severe limitations.  I just got done checking it out and it isn't 
designed for what I need.  I might be able to "fudge" it and I will 
give fudging a try.  But if the fudge fails I'm back to the way that 
works.  Though based on some math calcs the fudge could work out 
faster... worth a look.

What's frustrating is that there is a way and a whole bunch of 
shopkeepers have access to that way, but newer shopkeepers do not 
have access.


>One suggestion is to send an email to the support group for the "one domain"
>and ask if there is a better way to get the info you want.  You would have
>to say you are willing to register and play by their rules, but this could
>get all the data you want in 20-30 minutes.  They might even allow you to
>download one file from their FTP site.
>If you are in the business of making more money for them, they will likely
>help you.  They may already have such a service.
>Jim Ault
>Las Vegas

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