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Brian Yennie yennieb at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 22:44:17 EDT 2008


I'm not sure there is much you can do to speed up the fetching of  
URLs, but my two suggestions would be:

1) See if you can process more than one download at a time - this will  
be more complex to code, but may be a bit faster so that 1 slow  
download doesn't affect another. Of course it will still scale just as  

2) Assuming there isn't much you can do to download the pages faster,  
perhaps you could look into having the script run on a schedule at odd  
hours when you are not in front of the computer. For example, if it  
ran incrementally downloading pages for an hour every night at 2AM you  
might not notice all of the time going in to it.

Hope that helps a little.

> I'd do that in a heartbeat if they had a way.  They used to, but at  
> this time the only offering they have is for affiliates, and it has  
> severe limitations.  I just got done checking it out and it isn't  
> designed for what I need.  I might be able to "fudge" it and I will  
> give fudging a try.  But if the fudge fails I'm back to the way that  
> works.  Though based on some math calcs the fudge could work out  
> faster... worth a look.
> What's frustrating is that there is a way and a whole bunch of  
> shopkeepers have access to that way, but newer shopkeepers do not  
> have access.
> Shari
>> One suggestion is to send an email to the support group for the  
>> "one domain"
>> and ask if there is a better way to get the info you want.  You  
>> would have
>> to say you are willing to register and play by their rules, but  
>> this could
>> get all the data you want in 20-30 minutes.  They might even allow  
>> you to
>> download one file from their FTP site.
>> If you are in the business of making more money for them, they will  
>> likely
>> help you.  They may already have such a service.
>> Jim Ault
>> Las Vegas
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