Getting the text content of a HTML page

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Sat Aug 2 11:30:50 EDT 2008

Hi Jacqueline,

Thank you, I tried it this way and it displays it as a page rather than a 
html doc, which is interesting actually! But images and some formatting, as 
well as the embedded stylesheet/css at the beginning still shows up in the 

I don't mind what happens though, it's all so fascinating. With each 
experiment, I'm learning / discovereing new things and that's the main goal 
anyway! :)

Heather ZzZzz

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H Baric wrote:
> Hi again *blush*
> Okay, this is no doubt something very simple even though I've searched 
> through the docs but can't find exactly how to do this seemingly 
> straightforward task:
> * Get the text only from a web page - no html tags, no formatting etc.

One simple way is:

  set the htmltext of fld <fieldname> to the text of fld <fieldname>

It isn't perfect but it suffices for most things.

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