ANN: Vista "Gotchas" You Should Know About

Bob Warren bobwarren at
Sat Feb 24 11:14:33 EST 2007

Bob Warren wrote:

> > Jim Ault wrote:
> > 
> >  >Developers who realize that Rev can still go forward as a cross-plat 
> > dev tool with a small learning curve.
> > 
> > Developers who realize that this is YAFITR
> > (yet another fork in the road)
> > and that this is probably a Linux conspiracy to gain market share   :-) 
> > Besides, how many third world countries will be able to invest in Vista and
> > run it on older equipment.  How about the education market around the world
> > and the US?  Paying top dollar for equipment and operating systems/software
> > is out of reach.
> > 
Martin Baxter wrote:

>I don't know about the chances of this actually succeeding but Microsoft 
is clearly attempting to do something about that. See:


(first removing line wraps of course.)

Thanks for that Martin. I have not involved myself with Vista 
personally, nor do I intend to do so, so I am dependent on the reviews 
of others to give me info about it. As far as I understand, in order to 
get full (i.e. normal) protection against viruses and all the other 
nasties, you have to buy the most expensive version. The cheapest 
version gives you little protection. In other words, it seems that 
Microsoft are now selling protection!! Regardless of the truth or 
falsity of this report, I know that my Ubuntu does not suffer from these 
things. In fact, it was a virus attack that finally prompted me to leave 
my Windows computer in an inactive state (particularly regarding 
Internet usage) and to positively migrate to Linux. I had the Norton AV 
installed plus half a dozen different antispyware progs, but to no 
avail. I got infected through an e-mail that a client sent me. Later, I 
discovered that her technician found 27 trojans on her computer! The 
situation of virus attack here in Brazil is extremely severe because 
programs such as Norton do not catch the viruses which are specifically 

In sum, I would say that "Vista Gotchas" is a very apt title: "gotcha" 
by the most delicate parts of the (male) anatomy!


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