Rev and version control systems

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Feb 21 15:07:42 EST 2007

Ben Rubinstein wrote:
> Has anyone got experience of using Revolution with general version control 
> systems (eg CVS, Subversion)?  (I'm aware of MagicCarpet, but I'm interested 
> in experience of working with Rev and general systems.)
> Obviously stacks can be submitted as binary files, but I was wondering whether 
> anyone has gone beyond this.

I've never needed a finer level of granularity than the stack.  Not only 
does it make a natural dividing line that works easily from a technical 
standpoint, I've found that it helps project management to keep the 
focus at that level, allowing specific team members to work on discrete 
UI windows and libraries without interference.

The stack-level approach has worked well for me with teams with as few 
as three and as many as 25 members.

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