Parallels Desktop

Bill Marriott wjm at
Tue Feb 20 01:58:38 EST 2007


> Do you know if either of these things might be the reason 2.8 won't start 
> up? Or does anyone recall what "hardware" had to be added to the new 3.0 
> virtual drive? All older versions of Rev run fine in this new version of 
> Parallels.

I'm running build 3150 RC 2 of Parallels, which is the first and only 
version I've used so far. If you're sharing with Boot Camp, I think they 
advise you to boot into Windows natively and remove the Parallels tools 
before moving to a new beta.

I have not experienced the crashing trouble you have with 2.8 and I've also 
installed it both ways.

- Bill 

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