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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Tue Feb 20 00:59:07 EST 2007

Bill Marriott wrote:

> As for the original question. Rev 2.8 works very well in both the 
> virtualized and the native environments.

I just installed the Parallels 3.0 release candidate 3 and I'm happy to 
say that both issues I had before are now resolved. The cursor will set 
to "none" and the DLL that was broken before now works fine. I really 
like the features in this new release, especially the very quick "pause" 
and "suspend", which used to take a long time.

That said, I used "check for updates" to update my copy of Rev to 2.8 on 
Windows. Installation went smoothly, but it crashes on launch 
immediately. There is no crash log created. I uninstalled, downloaded 
the full installer, and reinstalled. The crash still occurs. I can't 
start up 2.8 at all, even though 2.7.4 runs fine. I see the opening 
splash for half a second, then it crashes while "loading menus" (which I 
think is the first thing Rev does on startup.)

When I installed this latest version of Parallels, I had to do some 
updating of Windows OS itself. The "found new hardware" dialog appeared 
but I canceled it, thinking I'd check later because I needed to install 
the new Parallels tools first. When I went back to add hardware, Windows 
could not find anything new to add. It also told me that some original 
files had been altered and wanted to look on the install CD to replace 
them. I figured these were also Parallel Tools files, so I canceled that 
too. (Why doesn't Windows tell you what it is doing? "Some files" is not 
very descriptive.)

Do you know if either of these things might be the reason 2.8 won't 
start up? Or does anyone recall what "hardware" had to be added to the 
new 3.0 virtual drive? All older versions of Rev run fine in this new 
version of Parallels.

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