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Hello Jeff,
very good points!
Thank you!

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> Tiemo,
> read the current apple agreement very carefully, it changes over time
> and has had some restrictions on how you could distribute the player
> on your discs that were sometimes a bit buried or unclear.
> some of the distribution conditions in the past that have come and
> gone and come and gone have been:
> • requiring your application to only use the version (or above) of
> the qt player you licensed. so this means when your app is installed
> it forces the users to upgrade their quicktime to use your app
> • requiring that if you have an installer for your application that
> it automatically fire up the quicktime installer after installing
> your app
> • if you produce more discs at a later date they may force you to
> remove or replace your qt installer with a newer version at their
> desecration.
> • you have to submit copies of your work to them for verification
> • use logos on the packing and disc w/in their guidelines. (always
> there)
> I have not looked at the license since last fall, then i think it was
> in a much more relaxed mode, but i think this changes with marketing
> directors and how aggressively they are pushing qt...
> Lesson is to read it carefully and make sure you are OK with all the
> terms and can complete them with out too much pain in your production
> and testing.
> The great thing about Rev is not having to use an installer and being
> able to even play from the cd w/o much problems so that helped get
> around the QT restrictions. Some clients who are publishers have not
> liked some of the restrictions and had us not put the player on the
> cd and just point folks to the qt site for downloading. these days
> with everyone wired thats not such a bad problem. certainly relieves
> you from contract signing, and (sometimes) extra work. So if you have
> a publisher or client make sure they are aware of this contract. one
> client's lawyer thought that they would need to enter into the
> agreement with apple, not me as the developer, while another insisted
> that i had do it and take any legal responsibility (same license
> agreement!), it was hilarious to get these emails about the same time
> that said exactly the opposite legal positions for the exact same
> situation (i had almost the exact same boiler plate with each client
> and very similar projects)!
> we have one old cdrom that we technically are not sposta replicate
> anymore since it has an old qt software built into its installer (but
> the ed market still wants the product). problem is the source code
> for both the app and the installer are lost to a company implosion.
> the product actually works fine all the way up to xp (no one has
> tried this with vista yet) if you install the latest quicktime (or
> any version that will function on that system) then run our old app
> installer which also installs the qt v2 dlls on top of the new
> quicktime! doesn't harm qt or the system and everyone is happy.
> unfortunately we dont know what it is that the installer is putting
> in from the old qt v2 that allows the old app to work under the new
> quicktime. anyway you can see where i now try and avoid doing any qt
> installation (even though you are no longer allowed to roll your own
> installation, in the early days this was how you had to install the
> qt with your stuff).
> cheers,
> Jeffrey Reynolds
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> > Yes, Apple does require that you ask permission to distribute their
> > Quicktime
> > player, even though one can normally download it for free.   It is
> > a simple
> > matter to obtain permission, by filling out and mailing the
> > application that
> > Apple provides.   Remember, also, that Apple requests that their
> > logo, which can
> > be downloaded from Apple , be printed on the CD's label.
> > Steve Goldberg
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