Storing arrays in a custom property

Ian McKnight iangmcknight at
Sun Feb 18 18:32:26 EST 2007

Hi Mark & Dave

Thank you both for your advice. I did as you suggested and the data is
now stored but I still can't get to it.

Here is the code snippet that I an using in a mouseup handler for testing:

set the custompropertyset of this stack to "uSolutionList"
 put "6666" into tkey -- should have 6+6+6+6,! associated with it
  get the uSolutionList[tKey] of this stack
  put it into tAns
  put tKey&";"&& tAns -- should output 6666; 6+6+6+6,! to msg

I only get 6666 no matter what I try.

BTW the property inspector shows uSolutionList as having the correct
keys, each key displays the correct contents. and I'm using Rev Studio


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