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I would say by all means check out all the scripting conference stacks

Even if you THINK you know these topics, you should review these. 
Hosted by Jacque and presented by an expert on each topic, there is 
info here you won't find in the docs.


>Jim, Jacque, Richard and everyone else on the RevList,
>It is pretty obvious that I'm not taking advantage of even a 
>fraction of the available Revolution Resources. Why, the paucity of 
>time is one reason, but the lack of one place to go to find what is 
>available is probably the biggest. Perhaps, if I spent more time 
>reading things available from the Revolution website, I might find 
>an answer to this. Perhaps. Anyone have suggestions? I'm into good 
>organization, even though I personally suffer from a shortage of 
>that attribute. Help, but don't inundate me too badly. We are 
>considering expanded Revolution coverage on the web 
>site, so this information may prove to be critical to our doing a 
>bang-up job. Several of you have already been more than helpful, and 
>I've appreciated their assistance and guidance.
>Joe Wilkins
>On Feb 17, 2007, at 12:06 PM, Jim Ault wrote:
>>This is the GMane diagram of the thread
>>Jim Ault
>>Las Vegas
>>On 2/17/07 4:19 AM, "Ton Kuypers" <tkuypers at> wrote:
>>>Hi gang,
>>>Just wondering of one of you maybe created something he/she would
>>>like to share...
>>>I have to do a project where lots of files will be copied to a
>>>server. The program will run on both OS X and Windows.
>>>The revCopyFolder works perfectly, except for one thing... There is
>>>no status callback, so when copying 200 Mb, there is no way of
>>>showing a progressbar or an updated status message...
>>>Creating a list of all files and using the revCopyFile works fine as
>>>well, but it is WAYYYYYY slower then copying the complete folder at
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