Please verify bug-- takes 2 secs

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Tue Feb 6 05:13:40 EST 2007


The bug has been reported already:




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Op 6-feb-2007, om 5:57 heeft Chipp Walters het volgende geschreven:

> Hi all,
> I've run into a really weird bug which I'm not sure how to get around.
> It involves invoking the debugger from a background group script from
> a card which the script has been placed on.
> It's basically a very simple thing to describe. I want to be able to
> set a breakpoint in a background group script and have it enter debug
> mode. I find I can do this ONLY when I'm on the originating card from
> where the group was created. IOW, any OTHER card where the group
> resides, will execute the script, but not invoke the debugger. It just
> 'jumps' right over a breakpoint statement.
> I'm using 2.7.4 and was hoping someone else out there would verify,
> and/or suggest a work around.
> You can run the test stack by putting below into the msg box:
> go URL ""
> TIA,
> Chipp

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