Revolution, MySQL vs FileMaker

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Thu Sep 28 12:00:06 EDT 2006

I know Dreamhost allows remote use - with a connection to a single 
IP, verified at the server. That can be the Wan side of a router and 
will work for all users in a LAN.

By the way I just put the latest BETA Mac version of MySQL 5.1.1 on 
my Powerbook so I can develop without being connected to a network. I 
was prepared for a long Terminal session. I was quite surprised.

For those with reluctance to the command line, you'll find you don't 
have to use Terminal at all installing the latest versions. It 
features a Slick installer and a second installer for starting MySQL 
on startup. Finally the MySQL administrator application is 'totally 
mac' and is well-executed. I'm sure the other platform versions are 
equally good. You might have to login as ROOT a little bit to get it 

As far as licensing, it seemed to be freely offered on the MySQL 
site. They can come and get me if there's a problem. However, I would 
have paid up to $50 for my personal copy if asked.

>You have to be careful with some providers, quite a few of them will 
>not allow remote connections, only local access (such as using php 
>on the server) to server the data.

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