Cold Panic

Mark Smith mark at
Wed Sep 27 21:24:08 EDT 2006

Robert, not that this should make a difference, but have you tried  
'open file mfile for read'? Maybe it's a bit pickier on Intel...



On 27 Sep 2006, at 23:47, Robert Sneidar wrote:

> Hi Chipp. For this example put URL works fine. (I have both methods  
> in the script now to test each one). But I also have a program that  
> opens a Foxpro table and reads the header bits at a time, and this  
> is dependent on the ability to read from file recursively.
> The bottom line is, it worked on a G4, it doesn't on an Intel.  
> Where there's smoke there's fire. Where there's ice above the  
> surface, there is a LOT of ice below it. If this is a real issue,  
> someone important at Runrev needs to look at it.
> Bob Sneidar
> IT Manager
> Logos Management
> Calvary Chapel CM
>> Why not just:
>> put URL ("file:" & mfile) into fld "code"
>> ??
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