Cold Panic

Robert Sneidar bobs at
Wed Sep 27 18:37:41 EDT 2006

Okay I went back and checked the permissions thing. I have read and  
write to it and I copied the file to my desktop to make sure.  
Permissions are not the issue. But I am getting empty when I read  
from the file now, whereas before "it" never changed when I read from  
a file. BTW I AM running code in a button that is part of a group  
that is a background. Possible issue?? Here is the updated code:

ON mouseUp
     answer file "Select the program file to import:" of type "F+PR"
     put it into mfilename
     IF mfilename is empty THEN exit mouseup

     put slyfilefrompath(mfilename) into mshortfile
     IF char -4 of mshortfile is "." THEN
         put char 1 to -5 of mshortfile into mmodule
     END IF

     IF there is a card (mmodule) THEN
         go card (mmodule)
         new card
         set the name of this card to tolower(mmodule)
     END IF

     -- Read from file method
     open file mfile
     put the result into mres
     -- mres is empty here indicating a successful open
     read from file mfile at 1 until eof
     -- it is empty here!!!!! AAAAAGGGGKKKKKKKK!
     put it into field code
     close file mfile

     -- URL method
     -- put "file:" & mfilename into mfile
     -- put url mfile into field code

     set the text of field "lblcode" to "Code: " & tolower 
END mouseUp

> Ya know I opened the file in a text editor without a problem, but  
> did not try to write to it, thinking that since I only tried to  
> read from it in Revolution I should be able to do so. I should get  
> the result when I open a file anyways but thsi was a quick and  
> dirty utility. I will give that a try. I suspect you may have  
> nailed it.
> Bob Sneidar
> IT Manager
> Logos Management
> Calvary Chapel CM
>> Bob,
>> I've seen this exact behavior when trying to read a file for which  
>> I do not have write permission. (If memory serves, checking the  
>> result right after the open file or read from file with give you  
>> an error message.) Try using
>> open file myfile for read
>> before you do read from file. Either that or change the  
>> permissions on the files you're reading.
>> Devin

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