Revolution, MySQL vs FileMaker

Chipp Walters chipp at
Wed Sep 27 13:54:30 EDT 2006

> And besides, isn't SQLite already embedded into OS X in CoreData? Might
> be an idea to latch onto that.

Yes, SQLite is embedded into OSX, but there's not a ready connector
for Rev to access it. We (Altuit) makes such a connector, complete
with embedded database, and Ruslan is correct, it sells for $149 for
Mac/PC and Linux (all included). You can download a quick demo
tutorial on how it works. This tutorial is made for altSQLite (our
product), but it also shows how easy it is to connect RunRev to most
ANY supported database, be it MySQL, Postgres, Valentina and others
via the proper connectors.

The tutorial is at:

SQLite is mostly for client-side DB projects, much like the non-server
based Filemaker. If you want to use a server, and are looking for
open-source solutions, you can check out MySQL an Postgres. Ruslan
also makes a commercial product as well called Valentina.



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