edit xmp metadata: developers needed

Henk van der Velden henk at iglow-media.nl
Wed Sep 27 05:14:05 EDT 2006

Good day all,

Can anyone help me with editing XMP metadata in image files (JPEG)?

I've searched the archives and I've found some messages about EXIF  
data and IPTC metadata. But it looks like no one has done XMP  
reading / editing yet. It wouldn't perhaps be too difficult, since  
XMP data is 'just' an XML tree put somewhere into the JPEG binary  
data. But I have no knowledge of binary data, so I can't figure out  
how to add these metadata to a (JPEG) file.

Another option might be Image Magick. If an external could be built  
around the Image Magick libraries, that would provide another way to  
read and edit XMP data.

I need this facility for a new application we are going to build for  
a couple of local cultural institutions. We need to describe lots of  
historical photographs, and it looks like the best way to store these  
descriptions is as metadata inside the files. These images are also  
to be used in educational applications, where children can read - and  
eventually edit - the metadata.

There will be a budget to develop this kind of thing. So what I would  
like to know is:
- who feels able to develop this?
- how would you build this kind of functionality
- an estimation of the costs

You can contact me off list.

Kind regards,

Henk v.d. Velden
iGlow Media
Magda Janssenslaan 44

0031 (0)6 16 024 337

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