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Luis luis at anachreon.co.uk
Tue Sep 19 12:10:58 EDT 2006


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Mark MacKenzie wrote:
> Hi people.  Just tried to log in over at the RR forums.  No luck.  I had
> already registered but did not receive my followup email.  So went to see
> what was what.  Tried to register again.  No dice, my email was logged as
> being already used.  Then tried to use the lost password function but it
> wouldn't let me do anything because my account had not been activated.
> Okay, tried to find the administrator contact information but couldn't find
> this (it may be there, but by now I am a tad frustrated).  Tried to click on
> several of the usernames listed in the general announcements open forum
> which I know to be connected with RunRev and of course I couldn't send them
> an email because I couldn't log in to use the private email/notification
> function.
> Sooo, there needs to be a prominently displayed contact for the forum
> administrator and if it is there I need a seeing eye dog who can type on my
> keyboard!  At any rate I would like to contact the RR forum administrator to
> get my  account activated and that is why I am posting on this list as they
> are likely to be members here as well.
> Sorry for the slightly off topic posting.
> Regards
> Mark MacKenzie
> Past Ink Publishing
> www.pastink.com
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