Revolution, MySQL vs FileMaker

Luis luis at
Tue Sep 26 20:19:23 EDT 2006

Insofar as I can remember FM Pro allows 5 connections to a client  
running the database, so a client can effectively be a limited 'server'.
You don't need a a copy of FM on every client box, you can use a  
browser to get at the data (on FM Server and even in the above  
scenario) although some things are unavailable for display on the  
You don't install the Rev stack on client machines, you create an app  
that then queries the MySQL (or whatever) database.
Try Rev and see how far you go.

I recall seeing a tool to export FM to MySQL, let me know if you need  
it and I'll hunt around.
Have you seen fx.php?     Might be  
worth giving it a go if you're ok with php.



On 26 Sep 2006, at 20:16, Javier Miranda V. wrote:

> While not trying to initiate a "war" , I would like to know if the  
> process of migrating from FileMaker to a Revolution/MySQL will  
> compensate the effort. Here is situation:
> I'm in the final stages of building an Application for Document  
> Management using FileMaker, it works fine, presenting a very  
> polished interface and variety of options but ....
> The cost for the client would be to high considering the price of  
> the solution itself plus a copy of Filemaker Server (7, 8 or 8.5)  
> and a copy of FileMaker for every user in the LAN!
> I understand that the functionality of a server/client can be  
> accomplished using the Revolution/MySQL pair Installing MySQL in  
> the Server along with the Revolution Stack, then installing client  
> Stack in the users machines. Is this true? Is this the real  
> configuration of the a server/client solution? Are there any other  
> considerations/software needed? I'm missing something? Or I'm  
> totally wrong?
> Sorry for my ignorance, I'm sure you RevPeople will help.
> Saludos,
> Javier Miranda V.
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