Cold Panic

Robert Sneidar bobs at
Tue Sep 26 13:36:00 EDT 2006

This script was working on a PowerPC based G4 laptop. I dropped the  
laptop whacking the backlight, but that is another story. I was able  
to import all my programs and data to a brand spanking new Intel  
Macbook Pro. Now this script is NOT working. THE IT variable does NOT  
CHANGE when I read from a file! It remains the path to the file I  
chose in the answer file dialog. Is read from file broken for the  
Intel machines??

ON mouseUp
     answer file "Select the program file to import:" of type "F+PR"
     put it into mfile
     IF mfile is empty THEN exit mouseup

     put slyfilefrompath(mfile) into mshortfile
     IF char -4 of mshortfile is "." THEN
         put char 1 to -5 of mshortfile into mmodule
     END IF

     IF there is a card (mmodule) THEN
         go card (mmodule)
         new card
         set the name of this card to tolower(mmodule)
     END IF

     -- here is the important part
     open file mfile
     read from file mfile at 1 until END
     -- at this point it still contains the result of the answer file  
dialog!!!!! EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!
     put it into field code
     -- close file mfile
     set the text of field "lblcode" to "Code: " & slyfilefrompath 
END mouseUp

I was able to get the URL functionality working. I used:

put "file:" & mfile into mfilepath
put url mfilepath into field code

But other programs I use depend on reading from a low level file.

Bob Sneidar
IT Manager
Logos Management
Calvary Chapel CM

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