Copy & Paste problems (was: about Galaxy)

Ian Wood revlist at
Tue Sep 26 12:19:08 EDT 2006

That sounds like something more serious - I only ever see it in Rev.  
I find that once it stops working in the script editor it doesn't  
work for pasting into normal fields or even for copying and pasting  

2.6.something seemed to fix it totally, but the next release bought  
it back.

It's far too intermittent to give the developers a recipe, but pretty  
well any session where Rev is open for more than an hour will  
eventually come across the same problem. :-(


On 26 Sep 2006, at 17:12, Dan Shafer wrote:

> I think -- but I'm not 100% certain -- that the command key problem  
> is not
> unique to Rev. That or my system is really hosed. I see cmd-C and  
> cmd-V
> problems in Mail, Safari and Firefox from time to time. Restarting  
> my system
> always fixes the problem.

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