Saving App-Specific Docs

Trevor Hopkins tjhopkins224 at
Tue Sep 26 11:49:16 EDT 2006

Thanks for the tips. What I'm primarily looking for is a way to store 
registration key/trial expiration data in a way that is least visible to the 
user. For an OS X application, is there a way to store this type of data in 
its plist file?

If I store the data in a text file, regardless of encoding mechanism, the 
user could potentially find the file and delete it, thereby starting the 
trial period for the application anew. I noticed in a couple of Cocoa 
shareware apps that I tried, that if I deleted their pList files in 
Preferences, it did not affect their trial periods, i.e., a 10-day trial 
that had been down to 8-days remained at 8-days even though I deleted its 
corresponding plist file. In incidences like these, where is that data 
stored that says how much time is left on a trial or that the copy has 
already been registered?

Many thanks,

Trevor Hopkins
Exeter, UK

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>Trevor Hopkins wrote:
>>From a Rev application, how does one go about creating and writing
>>to/reading from a document that is only openable by the Rev app  itself 
>>(i.e., not a text document that anyone can open). I can see  how to write 
>>data to a text document but what about to another type  of doc that not 
>>anyone can get into so easily?
>There are many good options for protecting data.  In addition to the other 
>suggestions posted here, if your security needs are modest there's a very 
>lightweight but reasonably efficient and easy-to-use encryption handler 
>posted at RevJournal:
>Most more "industrial strength" encryption you might also consider Rev's 
>Blowfish implementation, included in the Studio and Enterprise packages.
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