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Tue Sep 26 05:17:31 EDT 2006

Here on Mac OS X 10.4.7, openStack' and openCard' handlers work  
normally with RunRev v2.7.3 and v2.7.4 as well

Best regards from Grenoble

Le 25 sept. 06 à 21:44, LunchnMeets at a écrit :

> Hi Everyone,
> I just upgraded to v2.7.4 on my Mac OSX computer. I know the  
> definition of a
> new version is "Out with the old bugs and in with the new ones" but  
> this is
> ridiculous.
> When I open my stack it doesn't see the OpenStack or the openCard  
> handler
> now. It did that with no problem in v2.7.1. What changed?
> Joe
> Orlando
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