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Jerry Daniels jerry at daniels-mara.com
Mon Sep 25 12:50:20 EDT 2006

What Pierre suggests works fine, but it should be noted that there is  
(and has been) a "Remove Galaxy" button in Galaxy prefs for some  
time. If this button is clicked, a palette will pop up with a Remove  
and a Re-launch button on it. That way you can remove Galaxy from the  
environment and also re-launch it later in our session, if desired.


Jerry Daniels

Makers of Galaxy

On Sep 25, 2006, at 10:53 AM, Pierre Sahores wrote:

>> And, because Galaxy can't be completely removed without restarting  
>> Rev
>> (unlike Constellation and Jerry's previous products),  it is  
>> sometimes
>> hard to figure out exactly where the problem lies...Galaxy or Rev.  
>> All
>> I want to do is get work done, and it's enough for me to try and  
>> debug
>> 1 IDE (Rev's) and not have to be concerned about another.
> It's to avoid such pending questions that i'm always installing  
> multiple Rev instances on my dev laptops (2.51, 2.61, 2.74, with  
> and without Galaxy, etc...).

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