Thank You, Scott and Kevin (was Revolution 2.7.4 Released)

Shari shari at
Sun Sep 24 10:16:50 EDT 2006

>So maybe we should gather up our thoughts and state what we'd expect 
>from a tool such as Revolution (I wonder how they're getting on at 
>the improve Revolution mailing list...).
>Apologies if my thought seem a little disjointed, been up all night 
>messing about with audio (ouch!).

I, for one, am grateful that Revolution even exists.  I started with 
Hypercard, which died a long, lingering death.  We waited, and 
waited, and waited for Apple to update it.  There were rumors.  So 
many rumors.  And finally we all had to accept that Apple had 
genuinely abandoned it.  And panic ensued.

If it had not been for Metacard, I don't know what choices we would 
have had.  I do not know C, or Pascal, or any of the traditional 
languages.  I learned to program by trial and error in Hypercard. 
And the help of some awesome books, particularly Hypertalk 2.2 
co-authored by our very own Jeanne DeVoto.  I've never seen a better 
programming reference.  Good job, Jeanne!

So Hypercard was dead, and Metacard hadn't quite popped into the 
realm visibly yet.

I went out and bought $500 worth of C books, assuming I would have to 
learn to program all over again.  The language in C is so radically 
different, I might as well not know anything.

Then Metacard appeared to save the day.  And they literally did save 
the day.  They were what Hypercard would be if it had been regularly 
updated and maintained.  And I never cracked the spiffy new C books 
except to look up a few oddball things on methodology.

Revolution existed as an IDE, if I remember correctly.  You could buy 
Revolution, or you could buy Metacard.  The engine was the same, the 
IDE was different.  And Revolution had some agreement with Metacard 
to license the engine, or something like that.  (Please pardon any 

Then the two merged, or Revolution bought out Metacard, or something 
to that effect.  I'm not very clear on the combining of the two. 
Except to know that the engine is the same and the language is the 
same, and it looks like it's going to be around for a very long time.

I am grateful to feel confident that my beloved programming tool is 
still in existance, and expecting to remain so for a long time to 
come.  I have no doubt that it is a very frustrating thing to update 
and maintain a tool such as this.  And Kevin probably hears a lot 
more griping than he does thank you's.

The ending could have been much different, had Scott Raney not 
created Metacard, and had Kevin Miller not carried the torch further.

So to Scott and Kevin, THANK YOU.  Consider any future gripes minor 
to the THANK YOU for providing this tool.

As for desired features, give me a few months and I'm sure I will 
find several :-D

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