Who's Kevin?

barryb at libero.it barryb at libero.it
Sun Sep 24 09:29:14 EDT 2006

Thanks Klausss (sorry Klaus, I just couldn't resist it!) for the input.
I was surprised to see it was the CEO! I was almost sure it would be a kid who had been fired and threw a spanner in the works before leaving the office.
Anyway I saw Mr. Miller had a post on another Theme, just after ours on the same date, maybe he's still trying to work out what happened himself.
Havn't been able to repeat the incident and as Runtime are gracefully giving me the new update free (Just in time - I bought my  Media 2.7.2. in August about three days before 2.7.3 was released),I can probably forget about it.
Oh! I should have said it was the 'CANC' KEY not a button. 
Bye everybody
Barry Barber wrote:

> While using my Media IDE I deleted a text field with the 'Canc'
> button on Windows XP but also got a message box which contained
> "Kevin at Rev.com"!! No close button or OK etc..It just stayed there
> unremovable, it froze the Rev tool bar completely and would not let
> Rev shut down in any way.I had to log out and reboot to get things
> back to normal.
> Who is Kevin and why should I want to email him anyway?(no
> suggestions to last bit, please!)

Klaus Major wrote:
>Hi Barry,
>well, I really don't know what is going on there, but that surely is
>Mr. Kevin Miller, CEO of Runtime Revolution Ltd.
>Just drop him a line, maybe he can shed some light on this ;-)

>Best Klaus Major

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