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Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Sat Sep 23 21:58:45 EDT 2006

Good points Jerry...

I was just trying to encourage Run Rev to keep upping the ante on the 
I'll leave it at that. As what features one expects to be on board
and what should be left to 3rd party developers is something
noone will ever agree on.

I may expect scripting tools and object property tools
and a decent UI for text input and layout...
to be part of the core meanwhile,
(because I get that in the Adobe suite) someone
else wants 3D stuff.... I like your "momentum" vision
maybe today's Galaxy tools will be part of tomorrow's Rev IDE
and then Galaxy will have new stars in it... etc.

Galaxy is great.... I just need it to work.
After all I do have it on my to do list to buy it! I'll take
the Galaxy performance issues off this list and over to basecamp.

Yes, I still have my log in.

Best from Hawaii


Jerry Daniels wrote:
> Swami,
> My only point is: when will what you say below NOT be the case? What if 
> third party products always have stuff that Rev doesn't have? I  think 
> that WILL be the case. It's what makes a dynamic marketplace. Momentum. 
> Supporting third party products creates a better Revolution.
> You think Marcus at Runtime Revolution, Ltd. doesn't want to beat the 
> crap out of Galaxy's script editor? Sure he does. I want him to try. 
> Creative tension can be very beneficial for evolution. WIthout the 
> Pandavas and the Kuravas there would have been no Bhagavad Gita.
> It's amazing to hear all of you Mac guys spout a philosophy that is 
> fully supported in Redmond, WA. Why don't we just get Microsoft to 
> incorporate all the great features of Mac OS X? We shouldn't have to buy 
> Mac OS! Let's just buy Vista. Yeah, that's the ticket. Mac OS--in terms 
> of market share--IS a third party add-on!!
> Don't get me wrong...I do all my development on Mac and for the most 
> part test on Windows. I love Mac OS X and my machine from Apple. But 
> this "Revolution should be doing this, not third parties" circular logic 
> leads nowhere.
> Runtime Revolution has its work cut out for it with getting a Rev engine 
> with OOP. Third party product makers are doing their part to broaden the 
> Revolution offering, bring alternatives and keep the momentum going. 
> Unless, of course, you're fond of monopolies.
> Best,
> Jerry Daniels
> Tool makers for the 21st century
> http://www.daniels-mara.com
> On Sep 23, 2006, at 4:09 PM, Jerry Daniels wrote:
>>> But my point (meant only for Kevin really, not for the list... sorry 
>>> about that)
>>> was simple: some key functionality in Galaxy, (and several other 
>>> third party
>>> plug ins,)  really should be on board the product. It's one thing to 
>>> pay big
>>> bucks for macho imposition software (I live in a print world) as an 
>>> add on
>>> to your layout program, (we paid for Quite Imposing  because InDesign
>>> just doesn't have those tools) but you  really should not have  to 
>>> play for a plug
>>>  in just to get a better view of your trapping values to make choke and
>>> spread changes on spot color overlays.
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Om shanti
(In  Peace)


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