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What would you define as the latest version?

Post specific bugs or performance problems on the Basecamp site  
(daniels-mara.updatelog.com) against the specific version you are  
running and you will get a perfectly working version within no time.  
You'll need a user name and password to get onto the site.

Are you aware you're still posting publicly, btw?


Jerry Daniels

Tool makers for the 21st century

On Sep 23, 2006, at 3:58 AM, Sivakatirswami wrote:

> Yes, I got the latest version.
> First: there is no question about the "beauty" elegance and power  
> of Galaxy
> which is a testimony to Jerry's mastery of xTalk and vision for a  
> productive
> environment. I would love to be able to use it...
> 1) I have some stacks that take about 5 times longer to open if  
> Galaxy is
> installed. (on in particular where I am setting the image data for  
> chars in a long
> field, which, thus,   turns into an image  previewer where you can  
> cut and paste images
> into different  order... is really bogging down if Galaxy is  
> running in the IDE)
> 2) there is some latent "memory" of stacks that are not really
> being closed, even though I have destroy stack set to true
>  and I keep getting into infinite loops where Rev keeps thinking
> a stack that is closed and removed from memory is still there.
> Asking me to purge. I click purge and same dialog keeps coming back.
> I have to force quit and  start again. It happened  enough times...
>  So, unfortunately I had to uninstall it.  So now "I'm sad" :-)
> ( the tabbed script editor and new dialog box to enter props values
> in Galaxy were wonderful, and so many other things too.)
> (hehe, Jerry's marketing thing about being sad if 30 days pass and
> that thing reverts to free Galaxy.. is delightful...and I was ready  
> to buy
> it in a minute)
> But my point (meant only for Kevin really, not for the list...  
> sorry about that)
> was simple: some key functionality in Galaxy, (and several other  
> third party
> plug ins,)  really should be on board the product. It's one thing  
> to pay big
> bucks for macho imposition software (I live in a print world) as an  
> add on
> to your layout program, (we paid for Quite Imposing  because InDesign
> just doesn't have those tools) but you  really should not have  to  
> play for a plug
>  in just to get a better view of your trapping values to make choke  
> and
> spread changes on spot color overlays.
> I'll give Galaxy another go in December and see if the problems have
> disappeared...it is  indeed, otherwise, a "dream machine."
> On the upside for Revolution and  for third party developers, one  
> doesn't see
>  this kind of discussion for improvement and actual responsiveness
> from the company or third party developers in many other realms, so
> for that we are all thankful!
> Stephen Barncard wrote:
>  had slowdown and other problems
>> with Constellation, but every gripe I had was totally fixed and  
>> better implemented in Galaxy.
>> Are you sure you have the latest version? Did you report the bugs  
>> to Jerry on his Basecamp site? (I didn't see you there much...).  
>> The chatter is pretty low on the Basecamp site at this time - an  
>> indication of the satisfaction of the users...
>> Personally I can't work without it anymore.
>> sqb
>>> I had to uninstall Galaxy they other day...
>>> it was causing the whole IDE to slow down big time and several bugs
>>> it had before just never go away.
>>> Sivakatirswami>>
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