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Sat Sep 23 08:48:10 EDT 2006

I think Lynn has hit the nail on the head. Diversity is the hallmark  
of evolution. Choice and diversity in the market place is what it's  
all about. There's never going to be one product to please everyone.  
Creators of products keep trying to solve problems in new and better  
ways. It's how innovation takes place.

The idea that "Revolution should provide this or that feature...I  
shouldn't have to buy a third party product..." is one of the better  
pieces of circular logic I've heard over the last couple of years.  
When can you ever NOT say that?

Let's say year from now Rev 3.0 will be out with object orientation  
and a new IDE from head to toe. Galaxy will also be there with an  
alternate IDE that includes features not in the Rev IDE. "Hey,  
Revolution should have done that...I shouldn't have to buy Galaxy to  
get that feature!" Circular logic. You can always say that.

Galaxy provides an alternative to the script editor, the property  
inspector, the application  browser, the message box, the dictionary,  
the tool bar, the dock, and--in the upcoming v1.5--the contextual  
menus. You can pick and choose what you want to use to suit your work  
flow. This process introduces new notions about getting our work done  
and helps the whole Revolution product line evolve.

It's understood that you have to keep up with the latest versions of  
Galaxy as new Revolution versions are released and as environmentally  
specific bugs are fixed in Galaxy. Feature requests are not bug  
reports, BTW.


Jerry Daniels

Makers of Galaxy

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On Sep 23, 2006, at 1:26 AM, Lynn Fredricks wrote:

>> Even if Galaxy was perfect, Swami's main point would still be
>> valid. Galaxy presents many features/improvements which
>> really belong Revolution itself.
> An important key to success in the third party market space is
> differentiation and continuous innovation. Galaxy provides a drop in
> replacement for scripting and it does it in a unique way. Just because
> Galaxy exists, it doesn't mean that Runtime will not improve the  
> script
> editor. At the same time, Runtime isnt going to go hog wild on the  
> script
> editor because Runtime has to look after the whole product. Jerry  
> and Trevor
> have done some wonderful things with Galaxy and they continue to  
> improve it
> every day.
> Best regards,
> Lynn Fredricks
> Worldwide Business Operations
> Runtime Revolution, Ltd
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