Luis luis at
Fri Sep 22 12:08:25 EDT 2006

Ok, now I'm stuck...

Having found EnhancedQT to bypass MIDI for the speaker control (panning) 
I was hoping the beep command would sort me out on the pitch side of 
things, but it looks like I'll have to go back to MIDI after all!

Unless there's something else out there...

So, the OS X (Unix variety) doesn't support this?

And, looking at revSetSpeechPitch DOES allow a pitch change (ok, so it's 
not a beep... but still!).

Found this Googling beep, pitch and terminal:
'As of Linux 1.3.43, Martin Mares added the ability to configure the 
pitch and duration of the beep, by modifying console.c'

So that's been around for a while.

A bit messy having to modify console.c. Looking at the man page for beep 
on OS X doesn't mention pitch.

Actually, is the beep Rev a call to the Terminal beep?



J. Landman Gay wrote:
> Luis wrote:
>> Ok, I'm really confused here. I'm trying to mess with the sound system 
>> in Rev, so I look at the 'beep' command. I find that I can alter the 
>> pitch for the 'beep', or can I?
>> Here's a snippet from the Dictionary for the 'beepPitch' command:
>> 'The beepPitch has no effect and does not report a meaningful value on 
>> Mac OS or Windows systems, and on some Unix systems which don't allow 
>> changing the beep pitch.'
>> Yet it gives plenty of details on its settings... So, do they mean you 
>> might as well spit into the wind?
>> Sooooo, can I or can't I? (apols, I'm in the office and can't 
>> experiment with the speakers). I mean, if I couldn't it'd say it 
>> wasn't supported, right? (Like some of the old MC commands I've seen 
>> in there).
> Remember that Revolution will run on many different platforms. What the 
> dictionary means is that Mac and Windows OS do not support changing the 
> beep pitch, and only some Unix varieties support it. On those Unix 
> flavors that do support it, the commands will work. If you are not 
> writing for a Unix OS that supports changing the beep pitch, then you 
> should ignore this command.

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