Show Group fails in standalone

Sivakatirswami katir at
Tue Sep 19 20:28:19 EDT 2006

Right, that was it... I was selecting the inclusion manually in 
Standalone config and that small scrolling
window with the fat thumb makes it appear that it is at the end of the list
but, wonder of wonders, if you click and drag (there's hardly room to do 
that visually)
there is a whole series of other libs to include!

after checking the XML and rebuilding, it worked.



Eric Chatonet wrote:
> Hello Swami,
> I just suspect you have not included the xml library when building your 
> standalone.
> Then it could fail before reaching your "show group" line.
> Le 18 sept. 06 à 23:42, Sivakatirswami a écrit :
>> Now: new problem, the
>>   show group "watchDownLoad" with visual effect dissolve fast
>> works in the Rev IDE, but not in a standalone! the group never appears.
> Best Regards from Paris,
> Eric Chatonet

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