RR Forum Administrator Contact info needed

Mark MacKenzie mmackenzie at wdm.ca
Tue Sep 19 12:01:09 EDT 2006

Hi people.  Just tried to log in over at the RR forums.  No luck.  I had
already registered but did not receive my followup email.  So went to see
what was what.  Tried to register again.  No dice, my email was logged as
being already used.  Then tried to use the lost password function but it
wouldn't let me do anything because my account had not been activated.

Okay, tried to find the administrator contact information but couldn't find
this (it may be there, but by now I am a tad frustrated).  Tried to click on
several of the usernames listed in the general announcements open forum
which I know to be connected with RunRev and of course I couldn't send them
an email because I couldn't log in to use the private email/notification

Sooo, there needs to be a prominently displayed contact for the forum
administrator and if it is there I need a seeing eye dog who can type on my
keyboard!  At any rate I would like to contact the RR forum administrator to
get my  account activated and that is why I am posting on this list as they
are likely to be members here as well.

Sorry for the slightly off topic posting.


Mark MacKenzie
Past Ink Publishing

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