MIDI - more Rev resources

Luis luis at anachreon.co.uk
Tue Sep 19 11:49:43 EDT 2006


I appreciate what you're saying here, but I had assumed that MIDI was 
built in to Revolution (and I don't think I'm stretching what the 
website says, however little!).

I had found some Java MIDI apps, which I could package up with any 
Revolution solution, and call them from Revolution. I'd rather that than 
insist QT be installed, although I could assume that it's fairly 
widespread. Hmm, I'll have to think about that.

In your scenario: Would it be a case of using 'launch' or calling QT and 
asking it to parse the file? By 'file format': Do you mean the QT MIDI 
file format or QT 'mov' format?



J. Landman Gay wrote:
> Luis wrote:
>> Hiya,
>> Thanks for all the help and pointers, but now I'm disappointed: It 
>> looks like Revolution DOES NOT DO MIDI.
> You can do MIDI if you understand the file format and use Revolution's 
> text capabilities to write these files to disk. Then you can use QT to 
> play them back.

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