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Mon Sep 18 00:44:29 EDT 2006

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>  I
> would think separate stacks have an advantage because they can be backed
> up
> separately.

The two other advantages that I can think of - and only applies when running
as standalones, not within the IDE:

1) Rev's version of multithreading.
Maybe you want the ability to view, sort and edit images. By separating the
'grunt work' (editing) into a separate stack you can start an image render
and immediately return to viewing and sorting, leaving the separate stack to
go about it's rendering.

2) No Domino Effect.
Related to the above. If one stack freezes/crashes, it doesn't bring the
others down. Force Quit a substack and everything comes crashing down.

In general though I prefer to package everything together, only when I
foresee a stumbling block - the need for a lot of processor time or the
likelihood of errors - do I create a separate stack.

Food for thought:-)
PS To get around the IDE limitation during development, I simply start one
stack in 2.6 and the other in 2.7

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