Memory leakage / memory problems

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Sep 15 11:27:23 EDT 2006

Richard Miller wrote:
> No externals. I'm thinking that the principal problem may be coming from 
> substacks continually opening and closing without their destroystack 
> property set to true.  There are 55 substacks in the main stack, 
> including some fairly large ones. None of them were set to purge memory 
> on closing. That's been changed now and we'll test performance to see if 
> the instability is eliminated.

Substacks load at the same time the mainstack is opened, and remain in 
memory throughout. The destroystack property is ignored in substacks, 
they don't ever get removed from memory until the mainstack is closed.

However, since you say you have large substacks (which will take up RAM 
the entire time the mainstack is open) it may be that your users are 
simply running low on memory and the bogging down you describe is the OS 
swapping out data to virtual memory. You might try removing some of the 
largest substacks and making them individual stack files instead. Those 
will only occupy memory when they are specifically opened, and the 
destroystack property will be honored when they are closed.

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