Field modified function?

Josh Mellicker josh at
Sun Sep 17 21:33:19 EDT 2006

On Sep 16, 2006, at 10:42 AM, Mark Wieder wrote:

> Josh-
> Friday, September 15, 2006, 11:38:35 PM, you wrote:
>> Regardless of the lookAndFeel setting, in OS X, if you change the
>> text in an editable field, then immediately click on a popup menu or
>> button, closeField is not sent, because the text field doesn't lose
>> focus, and the cursor is actually still in the text field, you can
>> still type even after clicking around quite a bit.
> Actually, I wish Windows worked this way. I rather like the fact that
> the selected text doesn't change when you click a button. It makes
> many tasks much easier to deal with.
>> This is unfortunate, forcing workarounds to check if the field
>> contents have changed manually...
> If that's what you're interested in then you should be checking the
> selectionChanged message rather than the closeField message anyway.
> It's not a workaround, that's what it's for...

selectionChanged triggers even if the contents have NOT changed... so  
you either update every time the field gets focus (sloppy) or have to  
write a complex workaround to save the field contents, then check  
them later against the stored version.

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