Streaming internet Media w QT and Rev Players-- Best Practice

Trevor DeVore lists at
Sat Sep 16 10:11:55 EDT 2006

On Sep 16, 2006, at 2:25 AM, Sivakatirswami wrote:

> But obviously QT--Windows  is having trouble  with this.
> So perhaps we need a better, more "graceful"
> implementation that Windows is happy with.
> Are there other things  we need  to be thinking about?
> Possibly:
> 1) delete previous URL for the stopped media from the Rev Cached URL's

The URL won't be in Rev's cached URLs unless you were downloading it  
yourself first.  QT deals with the URL exclusively and handles  
caching when you load URLs in a player object.

> 2) Maybe have two players? if Player1 is running, stop it,
> and assign the next selection to Player2, start it up, meanwhile
> "clean up" player1 (set filename of player1 to "")  then on next  
> selection.
> Stop player2 and assign latest selection to Player1 and clean up  
> Player2?
> This way one is not trying to stop, reset filename, re-initialize  
> the socket, start streaming
> again... all in one player object...
> I'll give that a try.
> Any more bright ideas?

The one player approach should work out but you never know.

I have one app that loads lots of QT movies throughout a session.   
Each step in a lesson (e-learning) can have up to three QT movies on  
screen at one time.  I actually delete all players and create new  
ones as needed each time the screen changes (part of a template  
system) and this has worked well for us.  Maybe something to try if  
you continue to see problems.


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