OT: (semi) Solving Issues On Windows

Dan Shafer revolutionary.dan at gmail.com
Sat Sep 16 02:32:31 EDT 2006

While what you say is probably true, Chipp, none of that obviates
Sivikatirswami's main issue that there are so many permutations and
combinations of devices and drivers for Windows that debugging or supporting
software designed to deal with rich media on that platform is iffy. I have a
good friend who's an audio guru and who does a lot of consultling to net
radio outlets and the like and he tells me that to this day Windows remains
an iffy platform for the reliable deployment of rich media applications that
dare stray outside the bounds of Microsoft's own software base.

Just FWIW.

On 9/15/06, Chipp Walters <chipp at chipp.com> wrote:
> Sivikatirswami,
> You know, the problem may not be Windows, but Apple's implementation
> of Quicktime on PC's. Chris has mentioned to me there is a very large
> memory leak in Safari that Apple has known about for a long time, but
> is reticent to fix (something about how Objective-C multi-threads yada
> yada). I wouldn't blame MS for a problem with Quicktime.
> -Chipp
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