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Dear Sirs:

How I can to print reports using Revolution .. I work with .exe

We have any command for print reports?

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Para: How to use Revolution
Asunto: Is it possible to set just one word of a text to bold ?

Hi there,

How do I set just one word to bold?
So far I use the following code:
on mouseUp
  if the highlite of me is true
  then put "Mondelinge Taal - Communicatieve voorwaarden - Niveau 2"
&cr into tData
  then put "- Zit vijf minuten stil op een stoel bij een één-op-één
gesprek " &cr after tData
  then put tData into fld "doel"
  end if
  if the highlite of me is false
  then put empty into fld "doel"
  end mouseUp

I just want the word "Taal" to be bold.
I have got a lot of buttons that can be selected so the amount of text
of fld "doel" varies and therefore I cannot say:word 2 or line 1 of
fld "doel"

How do I do this?

The next action is that the user copies the entire text (with the bold
word "Taal") into another field. I guess it will lose the bold word
"Taal" then. This needs to work too!

After that the text will be printed (again with the bold word "Taal").
I've playing all day with filter, htmltext, textstyle etc. Nothing
worked. It gave me a headache!

Does anyone know how to do this. It must be simple but I gave up.


William de Smet
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