Revzip in Windows standalone

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Thu Sep 7 00:35:06 EDT 2006

Hi All,

Has anyone managed to get the revzip stuff to work in a Windows standalone?

I downloaded the revzip.dll file as from the link supplied by Marcus.
I put it in my Rev folder with all the other Windows DLLs (I use Mac
OS X).

When building the app, I have tried both specifying that I want Rev
zip & letting the standalone builder work it out. In both cases, I get
an empty "externals" folder.

So then I just dragged the revzip.dll file manually into the externals
folder and copied it to a Windows computer. The app ran fine, but no
zip commands worked.

Next I tried setting the externals of the stack explicitly to the path
of the revzip.dll external. Still no luck.

When I query the externalCommands and externalFunctions, I get nothing.

Any ideas?


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