revXML encoding, STS XML and namespaces

Laurent Ostiz laurent at
Tue Sep 5 12:25:21 EDT 2006

Hi !

I am using Revolution Studio 2.7.3 on a Mactel. I use the revXML  
library to parse XML files (mainly european RSS feeds).

I do not understand how revXML encodes or decodes the node contents.
If I do not modify the xml header, and if an encoding attribute is  
specified, strings from revXMLNodeContents are not encoded or decoded  
in mac format nor iso format.
If before creating the tree, I use ISOtoMAc on the XML data, whith  
the same xml header, node contents are again not valid (which should  
be ok since encoding attributes do not match real encoding).
The only way I have found is to suppress encoding attribute, operate  
an isoToMac on XML data if encoding is ISO-8859-1, and creating  the  

Well, I guess revXML library take care of xml encoding attribute, but  
how ?

Also, how to specify an encoding when creating XML files ? Is there a  
default encoding ?

At the same time, for those who use STS XML Library, how the things  
above are managed ?

Last question, do you know a solution in RR to handle namespaces in  
XML 1.0 ?

It is a big shame that RR does not provide a full featured XML  
library with associated technologies (XSLT, Schema, etc.) considering  
the major uses of this technologie… my 2 cents !

Best regards


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