Double vision

John Craig jc at
Tue Oct 31 13:00:20 EST 2006

Thanks, Jacqueline - that was the answer!!!  absolutely no idea how it 
happened (it's a big script)

J. Landman Gay wrote:
> John Craig wrote:
>> I suddenly have all handler names appearing twice in the handler list 
>> - only for 1 stack - all other stacks appear OK.  Anyone know of a 
>> quick fix?
> Remove the duplicate handlers? ;)
> No, seriously, this happened to me once. I accidentally copied/pasted 
> the whole script in twice. If your script is short this probably isn't 
> the problem, but if it's a long one, you may not notice the duplicates 
> if they are far down at the bottom of the script.
> Try changing the handler display from alphabetical to natural order. 
> If there really are two of each handler, you'll still see two in the 
> list but they won't be next to each other any more.
> If this isn't the problem then I haven't a clue.

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