Double vision

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon Oct 30 17:28:04 EST 2006

John Craig wrote:
> I suddenly have all handler names appearing twice in the handler list - 
> only for 1 stack - all other stacks appear OK.  Anyone know of a quick fix?

Remove the duplicate handlers? ;)

No, seriously, this happened to me once. I accidentally copied/pasted 
the whole script in twice. If your script is short this probably isn't 
the problem, but if it's a long one, you may not notice the duplicates 
if they are far down at the bottom of the script.

Try changing the handler display from alphabetical to natural order. If 
there really are two of each handler, you'll still see two in the list 
but they won't be next to each other any more.

If this isn't the problem then I haven't a clue.

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