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J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Mon Oct 30 17:23:51 EST 2006

jhonken wrote:
> I was editing a main stack and something seemed to have been triggered
> that I can't figure out.  When I open the stack I can't use the edit/run
> icons on the revolution menu.  I can open other stacks and they work
> fine.  I can use the Application Inspector and edit everything fine from
> there.  Does anyone know what could of happened to the stack that would
> prevent me from editing it.

This is typical of a stack that is opened in any mode that isn't 
toplevel. For example, palettes and modeless stacks can't be edited. You 
can change the mode of your stack in several ways; one way is to just 
type into the message box:

   toplevel "myStack"

You can also change it from the Application Browser by right-clicking 
the stack name in the list and choosing "toplevel" from the menu.

>  Also the save/save as and other menu items
> are greyed out in the editor.

Once you've changed the stack to toplevel, these will come back.

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