Are there any arrow buttons?

Richmond Mathewson geradamas at
Mon Oct 30 15:32:24 EST 2006

Bill Marriott wrote:

"You're joking, right?"

Har, har, har . . . I wish I were (and by George I
have a difficult time explaining that Subjunctive
outburst to my adult students here in Bulgaria).

I spend most of my programming time making really very
goofy standalones (that run on Linux) that allow
little children to click on choice images or enter
text into text boxes (well, blast-yer-eyes, it pays
for the bread and cheese). My main concern is to do
with background images . . .

I copy-paste them on to each blessed card - because
the screw-ups that seem to happen with backgrounded
images, buttons and so forth, when I move the stacks
from one of my Macs onto the Ubuntu boxes down in the
school (my flat is in the attic and my school is in
the basement - all a bit cavemanlike!) are a real pain
in the B.T.M.

Unless one is a bit nutty and wants to propagate a
button across a thousand cards (!) I can't see what
the beef is - one can easily modify the scripts at any
time with a nifty for-next loop that shuffles its way
through the cards.

Backgrounds in RR are not at all the same thing as
backgrounds in the dearly departed HC - and I eschew
them as being more trouble than they are worth.

I am also, a bit of a slob, at least in terms of
designing tight little stacks for the following

1. I have a dual-processor mirror-door G4 Mac which is
4 years old, and, in computer terms, horribly
out-dated - but the 1 GB of RAM it sports seems to
make mince-meat of anything RR-wise I can chuck at it.

2. The Ubuntu boxes down in the basement with their
700 MHz Pentium 3 processors and 128 MB RAM fail to
complain about the EFL stacks I run on them.

3. Does backgrounding an image or a button make a
sufficiently visible speed difference that the
end-user notices any sort of difference at all?

4. My problem - with my G4, at least - is trying to
find time to slurp the next drop of coffee, before the
next thing happens. Now, I may be a bit cognitively
challenged (???), but a computer that pops stuff up on
the VDU (err, "monitor") faster than my little grey
cells can cope with it is failing me.

sincerely, Richmond Mathewson


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Richmond Mathewson

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