Activating a Function in a Different Stack

Marielle Lange mlange at
Sun Oct 29 18:35:58 EST 2006

> I think there is a shortcut.  You can use 'the result' for other  
> than errors for custom commands.

I would bet you are right. But, but.. this could let us pass an array  
back to the calling script. Let's try.

Stack A
on mouseup
   send doSomething to button 1 of stack "stackB"
   put the result into aResult
   combine aResult using cr
   put aResult
end mouseup

Stack B
on doSomething
   get doSomething()
end doSomething
function doSomething
   put "1" into aTest[1]
   put "2" into aTest[2]
   put "3" into aTest[3]
   put "4" into aTest[4]
   return aTest
end  doSomething


This is a *splendid* tip. Thanks a bunch!


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