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Thu Oct 26 14:07:11 EDT 2006

Hi Richard,

> Hi Klaus:
> You reported:
> ---------------
> 4. Broken functionality
> "revvideograbsettings" works fine but "revSetvideograbsettings"  
> does not!
> Saved setting are NOT loaded, neither from a variable nor from a  
> binary file nor a
> custom property.
> So you have to "revVideoGrabDialog" everytime you want to change a  
> setting.
> ----------------
> We have no problem using RevSetVideoGrabSettings with Rev. 2.7.3  
> (Enterprise) on Windows XP.

See below...

> It's a basic part of our video program. The settings are loaded  
> from a binary file. We've tried various versions of Quicktime  
> without a problem.

I am talking about OS X and QT 7.1.3, did you test on OS X and  
QuickTime, too?
It does not work on my old PPC G4 and not on a MacBook Intel.

> I haven't recently tried loading a saved setting to switch from one  
> camera to another on-the-fly, but this was working fine at an  
> earlier time. I can reconfirm if it's still working now if that's  
> an important function for you.

Yes. please, we might also need windows later.

> Regards,
> Richard Miller
> Imprinter Technologies


Klaus Major
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